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Eriba Locks - Lost Keys and How/Where to Order Replacements

Your beloved Eriba has been keeping you dry and warm for years when suddenly you lose the keys and you can no longer lock the doors. It's not the end of the world but where do you get replacement keys. locks and handles?

- First thing to try is removing the lock and handle mechanism. Take a look at the Lock lever at the rear, you "should" see a number stamped.. (as pictured) This number is the key code it is normal preceded by GX or EK - Original locks and keys are generally GX code while the newer versions of the locks are EK what's important though are the numbers. Keys are so cheap there's no harm in buying replacements of the popular key types with your specific key code.

- If you find yourself in a position where you need a full replacement lock or interior handle, I can help. I have some of the only remain stock in the world. Unfortunately these locks are no longer in production.. I'm working on that!!

In the meantime I have limited stocks of the interior handle and exterior lock individually or in a set. you can purchase these here:

- Finally, what if you have all the key codes and need a replacement set of keys? This is the easy part. It's likely your local locksmith will be able to source and cut your selected code however you are more likely to find success online.

I can provide replacement caravan lock keys. Click HERE

Whatever the reason you need replacement keys for there is a solution out there for you! If you need any further help or advice please do send me a message. 

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  • Hi I need the front part if the full locking system


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