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Montana Colors Spray Paint now available at Retro Caravan Stuff (Official Dealer France)

I've used Montana Colors paint for a few years now and I absolutely can't fault it. I have used it to paint a number of things namely my 1998 Suzuki Vitara and my 1979 Eriba Puck. My choice of colour isn't everyone's "cup of tea" but with the massive selection of colours that MTN offer there is definitely something to suit all tastes.

I'm happy to say after talking with montana Colors I have arrange to add the MTN range and RAL range to my site. Initially in select colours (That are representative of the original Eriba paint colours), however the full selection is available on demand just send me an email and I'll take care of it all. There are 217 colours to choose from 😍 - I love the matt finish of MTN 94 but there is also gloss available MTN Hardcore. You can even clear coat varnish your MTN 94.

MTN is easy to work with, fast drying and very resistant to scratches and dirt. Perfect for a DIY respray on a budget, with pro results.

Over time I will update all the colours and the full rage of PRO products such as primers, bumper paints, metallics etc..

I'm incredibly excited to offer this product to my customers, it's a product that absolutely love and I hope it can be useful for you too!

Check it out on the site here:

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