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24 Hours wild camping in Lausanne Switzerland - Free Parking and 50€ Waffles

Neydens (France) Park Up: 📍 What 3 Words ///tasers.cobra.rushed
Lausanne (Switzerland) Park Up: 📍 What 3 Words ///iron.native.linked

We found a park up close to the Swiss border at a small town called Neydens. It was getting late as we arrived and our spot for the night was in a town car park near the church. Was a great location for arriving late and heading off early.

In October the days are short and we were losing light fast! We were also hungry and tired so set about investigating what was available in the locality within walking distance. After a quick Google we found a chinese buffet about 20 mins walk away. So we locked up and set off down a dark, spooky, misty lane!

After what felt like an hour walking we seen the glimmering neon lights of the chinese buffet, it was all worth it. Probably one of the best we've found in France and the dessert section had a full pick 'n' mix! Heaven. We filled our bellies and rolled ourselves back to the caravan.

A few hours had passed since we set off to eat and we returned to a full car park and what sounded like a nightclub in full swing across the road. There were also a good number of motorhomes and vans that put us at ease so we got ourselves dressed up in our pyjamas and headed to bed.

The next day we woke up at around 7am, set about looking for the public toilets that were noted on the Park4night app. LOCKED! Oh nooo.. Definitely check this before you go to bed if you decide to stop of in this spot in Neydens.

We were ready and on the road at about 8:30am with Lausanne programmed into the Sat Nav. Before we knew it we'd crossed the border and quickly jumped into a petrol station to use the facilities and buy the two 40€ road tax stickers for both the car AND the Puck. Mind boggling. Anyway... Onwards on our 57min drive to Lausanne.

 We arrived in Lausanne at around 10am, there was a purpose to our visit. We were meeting our friend Laura, an American expat who has fallen in love with her new life in Europe. It had been about 4 years since we'd seen her and we spent the day walking along the waterfront chatting and exploring. A really nice chilled day after some pretty full on parkup hopping.

Laura had a hot date so we said our goodbyes just before dinner time and headed onto the train into town to grab an incredibly expensive Five Guys burger. 70€ later and sweating from both the bill and the meat we headed back to the marina to grab a shower. FREE hot and wet showers at the maria are a great bonus. They were clean and powerful. There are also toilet blocks and washrooms.

Clean and refreshed we headed to the Eriba to settle down for the night and catch up on some social media. That's when we had the bright idea to Uber Eats dessert to the car park. Check out Whoo Fy Gaufres for an absolutely awesome treat!

 The next day we were blessed with rain a seeked an activity that we could do that didn't involve getting drenched. About 30 mins round the coast of lake Geneva you'll find Château de Chillon 🏰

Here are a few snaps!

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