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Cirque de Gavarnie - We drove our Eriba up a Pyrenees mountain road during a stormy night! [France]

It was a crisp autumn morning and the anticipation was palpable as we hitched up our trusty Eriba Puck caravan and headed towards the heart of the Pyrenees. The winding roads that snaked their way through the mountains were a challenge, but our Puck was up for it. As we ascended higher into the mountains, the views became more breathtaking with every turn.

But little did we know, Mother Nature had other plans for us. As we approached the Cirque de Gavarnie, a storm rolled in, bringing with it heavy rain and strong winds. We trudged on, determined to reach our destination and set up camp.

Finally, we arrived at the foot of the magnificent Cirque de Gavarnie and found a sheltered spot to park our Puck. Despite the stormy conditions, we were awestruck by the sheer beauty of our surroundings. Towering peaks, cascading waterfalls, and lush greenery surrounded us on all sides.

We quickly set to work, securing our Puck and preparing for the night ahead. The wind howled outside, and the rain beat against the roof of our caravan, but we were warm and cozy inside. We cooked a hot meal on our compact stove and sat down to enjoy it, feeling grateful for the comfort and convenience of our Puck.

As the night wore on, the storm began to ease and the stars came out, twinkling like diamonds in the inky black sky. We crawled into our cozy bed, lulled to sleep by the sound of the rain and the rustle of the leaves in the wind.

The next morning, we awoke to a world transformed. The sun was shining, and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue. We ventured out to explore the Cirque de Gavarnie and were amazed by the breathtaking views that surrounded us.

We hiked up to the towering peaks and took in the views, feeling a sense of awe and wonder. The Cirque de Gavarnie is truly a natural wonder, and we felt lucky to have experienced it in all its majesty.

As the day wore on, we packed up our Puck and hit the road once again, ready for our next adventure. But the memories of our wild camping experience in the heart of the Pyrenees would stay with us forever. Our Eriba Puck caravan had proven itself to be a true companion, providing comfort and shelter during the storm, and helping us make memories that would last a lifetime.


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  • Our favourite place in the world! Such a stunning entry into the valley and beautiful waterfalls. Of course, we have visited in June so the weather helps. Pont D’espagne is another super location. We so want to get back there!

    Steve Jackson

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