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How to poop in the wild, poo and pee in your very own "Cat Hole" [Wild Camping]

Where and how do you use the bathroom?! This question has come up so many times when discussing our primitive camping style while avoiding campsites, it’s probably something most people are curious about but perhaps too embarrassed to ask.

So in this post, I'm going to tackle very natural topic of using the bathroom while wild camping head on! Everything from the proper way to dig a cathole, including accessories and etiquette.

Now obviously, if there is a public restroom, pit toilet, or outhouse available, use it! But I'm going to focus on what to do with dodo when primitive camping, hiking, or exploring in the backcountry - far far away from the niceties of flush toilets.

What's a Cathole?

A cathole is nothing more than a hole dug in the ground to bury your solid human waste in. Ugh, sounds gross right?! But it’s actually a very convenient, effective, and even sanitary way to use the bathroom while wild camping - when done properly.

How to dig a cathole:

  • Look for soil that is soft, loamy, and easy to dig, then utilize a shovel, hand trowel, or even a stick to dig a hole 6 to 8 inches deep and approximately 8 inches by 8 inches wide.

  • Ensure your finely crafted cathole is at least 50m from any body of water, trail, or campground.

  • Never use the same cathole twice, and if camping with a group make sure they are located far apart from one another.

  • While best practice is to pack out your toilet paper, all toilet paper will break down readily in a properly dug and positioned cathole. However, we highly recommend carrying a good biodegradable camping toilet paper, as it will break down at a faster rate than standard wood fibrous toilet paper.

  • Refill the hole with the original dirt once finished and cover with leaves, pine needles, or other nearby organic debris.

  • Immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to prevent the possible spread of bacteria.

There you have it.. Really quite painless and as we like to say in Scotland.. "Leave only footprints and jobbies."



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