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Lourdes - Carpark Carbonara by the river in France's holiest city! [France]

We know absolutely nothing about religion, and as a result knew nothing about Lourdes - it was however recommended as a "must visit" place so we popped into town arriving at about 8pm in the darkness of early October nights. On our direct route to the Pyrenees, it was a really convenient layover.

We approached the car park that we'd be staying in that night and approached the height barriers with caution and waves of anxiety. Of course the Eriba Puck limboed effortlessly under the 2.2m barrier and we had the choice of around 200 vacant spaces.

We picked a spot closest to the corner and next to the river Ousse and quickly set up the gas hob to start dinner. Darrioni's famous Carbonara was on the menu. It became quickly evident to me that cooking in the wild is a much different experience to the comfort of my kitchen, and the water takes much longer to boil!!

A delicious meal was had and Kelly set about preparing the caravan for the night. Rear steadies were down and we remained hitched to the car. Secured with a padlock. We placed the window covers on and popped the top up, it was surprisingly cosy for a high elevation and spot by the river.

To be continued...



  • What a great place to stay. Previous visitors to Lourdes (though not religious!)

    Simon Cullum
  • Nice place!


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