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San Sebastian - Ordering a takeaway to our Eriba at the seaside. [Spain]

On our way north from the beautiful Pyrenees mountains we decided to skip into Spain for 24 hours to soak up the Spanish lockdown lifestyle..

Arriving in any city that you've never visited by road can be stressful, not to mention while travelling with a caravan. Don't worry we've done the hard work for you! After an hour of getting lost and pinging back and forth between possible "Park 4 Night" spots we settled at the spot right beside the ocean.

To be continued...

You'll see our exact parking spot, within a stone's throw of the beautiful sculpture on the map below.

You can walk to the centre of the city in about 10/15 minutes, the walk is nice and steady and easy on the legs.

parking was safe, we left the car and caravan hitched and pad locked together. Rear steadies down and window covers on. We had only walked about 50m away before people were around it taking photos.

After a nice relaxed afternoon walking the streets of San Sebastian we decided to head back to the caravan for a sit down and to let the feet cool off. We had the bright idea of ordering a chinese takeaway to our door. To my amazement, and after a 2 hour wait the lonely scooter driver buzzed up the seafront and I waved him down. He was confused as we only had the address of the public toilet to use for delivery (Google to the rescue), but we shared a chuckle and he sped off into the night.

After a long day we were both very ready to eat, we quickly devoured the lot and got ready for bed. It felt safe and there was plenty activity throughout the night. The police passed a few times and said nothing.

There are also clean public toilets about 20 meters from our parking space. They are not open 24hr but they open early.

If you are looking for a free and super convenient place to stop over for the night our little parking spot on the corner is absolutely perfect!


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