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Kampa Geyser Instant Gas Hot Water / Shower System
Kampa Geyser Instant Gas Hot Water / Shower System
Kampa Geyser Instant Gas Hot Water / Shower System

Kampa Geyser Instant Gas Hot Water / Shower System

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Hot water in all circumstances thanks to the Geyser water heater from Kampa!

Benefit from continuous hot water thanks to this water heater, which will allow you to heat your water through the tap head, thus optimizing your living comfort while camping. Regarding its operation, nothing could be simpler! Indeed, all you need is a 12V power supply (delivered with the cigarette lighter socket) as well as a bottle of butane gas (not supplied), a 28-30mbar gas regulator for butane or propane ( not supplied) and a long BS312:2 standard gas hose (not supplied).

This water heater will be easily integrated into a motorhome or caravan and you can easily store it and transport it with you on the go thanks to its storage bag, which is provided to you.

Very resistant, its structure will withstand all shocks! In addition, its weight will in no way be an obstacle to its use. Indeed, with a weight of 4kg, this Geyser will then be easy to transport, in particular thanks to its side handles which will allow you to move it according to your desires and your needs: it will accompany you everywhere!

The ignition system of this Geyser water heater is automatic. So, you just need to press the on/off button to turn it on. Once engaged, you will then be able to take advantage of a strong flow of water of the order of 2.5 liters per minute, thus offering you water at a temperature between 30 and 55°C. If you want hotter water, simply run the water through the water heater.

The Geyser works with both gas and electricity, thus adapting to any type of situation. For optimal access to hot water, depending on the situation, you can use one of the two integrated tools: the tap or the shower head.

Hose for faucet: 1.5m

Hose for shower head: 2.5m

Power cable: 5m

As you will have understood, this water heater will be essential for a successful outdoor holiday: the equipment to be grabbed by any emergency !

Height: 30.5cm

Length: 34.5cm

Width: 30cm

Total weight: 4 kg

Ignition: Automatic

water pressure max. : 0.03 bar

Max temperature water: 55°C

Capacity per minute: 2.5 l

Connection voltage: 12 V

Heats water from 30°C to 55°C

Use: outdoor / very ventilated location