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MTN PRO Antioxidant Wash Primer 400ml

MTN PRO Antioxidant Wash Primer 400ml

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Phosphating primer (Wash Primer) with very good adhesion on galvanized and electrogalvanized steel as well as on aluminum and other types of polished metals. Also useful for applying an anchoring layer on certain plastic surfaces.

1. Features

• Fast drying.
• Easy to apply and repaint.
• Good adhesion.
• Unleaded.

2. Applications

It is recommended to use this product as a primer coat on galvanized metal surfaces such as:
• Garage doors or awnings.
• Copper piping.
• Aluminum frame.

However, it can be applied as a primer coat on polyamide 6, carbon fiber, epoxy, polyester, acrylate, PVC, PC and ABS plastic surfaces. This product has good properties on surfaces painted with polyester type paint (aluminum frame) or 2k epoxy previously polished.

3. Instructions

• Please shake the can well before use, about one minute after you hear the sound of the mixer.
• Apply to clean, dry surfaces. Remove corrosion with a wire brush. Given the large number of substrates and application conditions, it is advisable to test the product beforehand on the surface used.
• Apply in thin, even coats for best results, every twenty minutes with the same paint. It is possible to repaint this same surface with other products two hours later.
• Please perform tests to ensure that the products are compatible.

Do not use on energized equipment and apply in well-ventilated areas.