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MTN PRO Granite Effect Paint 400ml

MTN PRO Granite Effect Paint 400ml

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Decorative paint that gives a granite/stone look to all types of surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass and polystyrene. To increase adhesion, first apply a primer suitable for the surface to be painted. Ideal for indoor use, for outdoors we recommend the application of a protective varnish to increase resistance.

1. Features

• Good adhesion.
• Easy to apply and repaint.
• UV resistant.

2. Applications

For a granite/stone look in decoration and crafts and fine arts. Applies to all types of supports (wood, metal, stainless steel, plastic or polystyrene).

3. Instructions

• Thoroughly clean and degrease the object to be painted. Remove corrosion with a wire brush and apply a coat of Antioxidant Primer if necessary . On plastics and polyesters, apply a coat of Plastic Primer . Because of the multitude of materials and the various application conditions, it is advisable to carry out a test beforehand on a non-visible part, for example. 
• Shake the container vigorously for about 1 minute until you hear the sound of the mixing balls.
• Spray with the container in a vertical position, in quick, fine strokes. Apply one or two coats at a distance of 20/30 cm to obtain the desired effect.
• Allow each coat to dry for approximately one hour.
• When the operation is finished, turn the container over and spray for a few seconds in this position, until the paint stops coming out of the diffuser, thus avoiding obstruction.

Do not use on energized equipment and apply in well-ventilated areas.