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Kampa Geyser - Gas powered 30-55˚C water on tap for less than 350€ - A dream when you camp in a vintage Eriba

Enjoy the comfort of hot water on tap. This mobile hot water system will provide hot water through a tap or shower head. Ideal for camping, off-roading or beach days anywhere hot water is required!

After our trip around France last year, one thing that was missing was hot water. For showering, washing up, maybe even rinsing my knickers after a long day of hiking the Cirque de Gavarnie

Enter the Kampa Geyser, I searched the options and read the reviews. There are lots of options out there including boiling a kettle and swabbing yourself from a bucket of soapy water. None appeared as turn key as the Kampa unit.

It comes in a nice no frills canvas case with a shower head, pump and power cord. This works on 12v DC only, so perfect for plugging into the car or power station (I'll update power consumption more as we begin using it.)

  • Heats water 30°C to 55˚C
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Complete with carry case
  • Strong water flow – 2.5 l per minute
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Conveniently we will be using our Campingaz 907 bottles to fuel it. Here is a list of additional items I needed to make it all work, including a cool quick release gas adaptor that will make switching between the gas hob, water heater, Ooni Pizza Oven or any other gas equipment you might have super quick and easy..

What you'll need to make your life easier!

Equipment you'll need:

  • 1x Sharp cutting blade (to cut the hose)
  • 1x Lubricant (to get the hose on the fittings - I use a dab of vegetable oil)
  • 2x Hands
  • 1x Screwdriver (Usually flat head for jubilee clips)

Hopefully the parts and water heater are all self explanatory to set up and the photos above should act as rough guide on how short to cut the hose for the fittings etc.

These quick release fittings make life so much easier when on the road, you can use one gas bottle for all your appliances without having to swap regulators or be tied to the gas bottle location. Also makes storing your gas appliances easier as each will now have it's own permanent quick release fitting..

So what started as a product shout out turned into a mini how-to guide. If you need any further info on this simple and time saving modification just send me a message!


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