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Lac d'Annecy and our hidden height restricted spot!

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On our arrival to the north of Lac d'Annecy, we decided to avoid the town and headed down the western coast in the direction of Menthon-Saint-Bernard. We were using the Park4Night app which directed us to a carpark that didn't quite look like the photos (not unusual). We were confused but parked up regardless and headed out for a quick walk-about to get our bearings where I seen one of the new Hymer Crossover 4x4s. Nice, but at about €120,000 it's a no from me.

We couldn't believe our luck, only 50m from the water with a public toilet and drinking water, bins and recycling. There was a break in the grey skies and following the sun we continued our walk (around 30mins) into the small town of Menthon-Saint-Bernard where we found a nice supermarket, bakery and chemist. Everything you might need for an overnight stop.

We grabbed a variety of snacks from the shops and headed back to the Eriba for a spot of lunch. Freshly baked bread, cured ham and cheese our staple for a quick easy lunch when travelling around France.

After a quick bite, I began the head scratching and went in search of the area from the photos on the park4night app. Twenty mins past and we were almost about to move on as the initial parking spot was beginning to fill up and it didn't feel like the best place to call home for the night. I was literally about to grab my keys when i spotted the following sign which had been beautifully swallowed by the tree holding it up just 30m from our current spot. It pointed directly at a 2.2m high barrier I had previously dismissed as what I thought to be the entry for the marina.

I was so wrong. What we found was a lovely quiet and secluded park up spot. Surrounded by tall trees and hedge row, you would have no idea there was a lake just a stone's throw away. It also kept up sheltered from the wind.

I didn't notice the "Camping Interdit" notice until the next day, however in all honesty I would not hesitate to stay here again. Especially off season. Always remember to tidy up after yourselves and leave no trace!

We quickly set up camp, Kelly on the spur of the moment decided to go for a free swim in the lake at only 5°C she was in for about 10-20 mins what a wonder woman! But as the autumn evenings aren't so long we were already beginning to lose the light and our bellies were rumbling.

I cracked on with dinner as Kelly wrapped up to sit and watched. By about 9pm we were fed and it was a lovely still night so we took another walk down the water side to enjoy the reflections of the nearby towns and the unobscured night sky. With only two neighbours in campervans it was the perfect quiet park up. Bliss.

The next morning we were up early some quick hot showers with the Kampa Geyser (what a life saver).

Next stop Lausanne... (Switzerland)

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